Beavers Bill Aimed at "Out-of-Control" Courts

Jan 24, 2012

NASHVILLE,‭ ‬Tenn.‭ (‬AP‭) — ‬Senate Judiciary Chairwoman Mae Beavers has withdrawn her proposal to strip Tennessee courts of the power to overturn laws enacted by the state Legislature.

The withdrawal late yesterday came after the proposal came under heavy criticism from members of both parties,‭ ‬including Republican Senate Speaker Ron Ramsey.

Beavers,‭ ‬a Republican from Mt.‭ ‬Juliet,‭ said last week that her bill was aimed at reeling in what she called out-of-control courts.

Democratic senators argued the proposal would threaten the independence of the courts.

Meanwhile Ramsey said the proposal would simply go too far because it would be,‭ ‬as the speaker put it,‭ "‬crossing the line on separation of powers between the legislative and judicial branches.‭"