Eclipse watching with the critters at the Nashville Zoo

Aug 21, 2017

  NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Associated Press)  --  Eclipse viewers, many of them slathered with sunscreen, streamed into the noisy Nashville Zoo hours early to see both the eclipse and animals' weird reactions to it.

Zoo spokesman Jim Bartoo said people were camping out at the zoo entrance at 6 a.m., three hours before the gates opened and seven-and-a-half hours before totality.

Paulette Simmons of Nashville came to the zoo after a doctor's appointment, saying she decided on the location because she wanted to see how the animals reacted.

The flamingo lagoon is one of the most popular locales, because the birds were expected to roost and get noisy when the sun darkeed.

Ninety minutes after the zoo opened, the pathways were clogged with people.