Literary Journal Features Tennessee Talent

Oct 15, 2012

MURFREESBORO— There’s a new mid-state based online literary journal featuring Tennessee talent.

The website “2nd & Church” is the creation of Middle Tennessee State Professor of English Alvin Knox. The journal is accepting submissions in poetry, creative nonfiction, technical writing, literary fiction, poetry, translation and commercial fiction.

Work by Tennessee’s Poet Laureate Maggi Vaughn was featured this past month. Knox says he’s trying to strike a balance between well-known contributors like Vaughn, along with less well-known artists.

“We also manage to find some people who, as far as we know - very low profile publications to say the least. And if somebody new turned up, I mean absolutely new turned up, they’d be as welcome as anyone else.”

You can hear more about the site “2nd & Church”  Monday evening at 5:30 right here on WMOT. Professor Knox will talk about the literary journal on the program MTSU On the Record with host Gina Logue.