Nashville mayor declares victory in vote brought by affair

May 25, 2018

Mayor David Briley
Credit City of Nashville

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Nashville Mayor David Briley has declared victory after an election to serve out the term vacated by former Mayor Megan Barry, who pleaded guilty to a felony and resigned after an extramarital affair with her bodyguard.

In Thursday's special election, Briley was leading with nearly 55 percent of the vote in a 13-candidate field, likely avoiding a runoff. Briley became mayor in March after Barry's resignation.

It's the second time Nashville voters have gone to the polls this month. On May 1, the growing city's voters rejected a multibillion-dollar transit plan that Briley supported.

And there are more to come: Primaries including high-profile governor and U.S. Senate races are in August, with the general election in November.

The mayor's race is back on the ballot in August 2019.