What does the Fox Say on The World for 3-20-14

PRI's The World - with Host Marco Werman  

Hey -- got your brackets filled out?

Yes, the NCAA basketball tournament starts today. But after March Madness is done, many American basketball players end up heading overseas to continue to follow their dream of playing hoops for a living. Many end up in Europe playing for club teams. Still others end up in places like Libya. Yes, Libya. The World's Marine Olivesi profiles a couple of Americans playing in Tripoli.

Also, the search for Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 continues. Australian search planes are scouring a spot in the ocean some 1,500 miles southwest of Perth. This comes after satellite images, perhaps showing debris, were deemed to be a credible by authorities. But, officials cautioned that it may take days for any confirmation that the debris came from the missing airliner. Meanwhile, we check in on how Malaysia's government is faring under the international spotlight, after being accused of botching many aspects of the search.

And here's a question your kids may have asked in the past year -- "What does the fox say?" That tune is cute, and catchy. But our story will floor you -- in Russia, they've been trying to domesticate foxes for decades...with often strange results.