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Obama Campaign Tries To One (Million) Up Romney's 'One-Term' Cash Effort

Screenshot of Romney campaign's "One-Term" web fundraiser.
Screenshot of Romney campaign's "One-Term" web fundraiser.

Cue the song "Anything You Can Do," from the musical "Annie Get Your Gun." The Obama and Romney campaigns have for all practical purposes started waging their general-election campaigns against each other.

Coming off its huge victory in the Florida Republican presidential primary Tuesday, Mitt Romney's campaign announced a new fundraising effort, a "One-Term Fund" to raise $1 million to defeat President Obama. "One term. One million dollars. One message: Let's hold him accountable," is the message the Romney campaign has attached to the effort. Its website indicates it's three-quarters of the way towards reaching its goal. The web site doesn't inform visitors of how many donors that represents.

Not to be outdone, Obama's campaign established a "Two-Term Fund" to double the Romney campaign's goal. Its message: "... In Mitt Romney's words: 'We must not forget what this election is really about: defeating Barack Obama.' Don't let that happen." According to the Obama campaign website, more than $903,000 was donated by more than 22,500 contributors.

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