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Too little too late? Tenn. COVID-19 vaccination rate more than doubled over the past month

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Mike Osborne) -- The number of Tennesseans beginning inoculation against COVID-19 have more than doubled over the past month, but it’s likely too little too late to slow the latest surge in virus related hospitalizations and deaths.

Some 24,000 state residents received their initial dose of the coronavirus vaccine in the first few days of July. During the last seven days just over 69,000 got their first shots in arms. That represents a 182 percent increase over 30 days.

It’s a positive development as the Delta variant precipitates another surge in COVID-19 infections across Tennessee. However, vaccine recipients must wait three to four weeks before taking their second and final injections of the Moderna or Pfizer vaccines. It can be as much as two weeks after the second injection before the vaccine reaches full efficacy in the body.

Here in Middle Tennessee, Williamson County leads the vaccination drive. Sixty-one percent of county residents have had that first vaccine dose. In Metro Nashville 54 percent have received the initial shot. However, just 19 percent of residents in tiny Moore County in the southern portion of Middle Tennessee have had their first dose.