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It's T-Shirt Tuesday and our Fall Member Drive

WMOT Listener,

No Tricks, Just Treats…It's T-Shirt Tuesday!

As a committed WMOT listener, you know that WMOT is more than just a radio station… we’re a [24-hour] public art service, a music library, a cultural history lesson, and a home for all your new favorite artists. This amazing bundle of services are supported by listeners like you who love to discover new music, new artists, and even new ways of thinking. That’s why it’s so important that you do your part to back this awesome service that energizes your life.

Get your WMOT member t-shirt or grab any of our thank you gifts today when you contribute to WMOT.

When you donate $5/month or $60/yearyou will receive a WMOT Of, By and For the People T-Shirt.

A gift of $10/month or $120/year features our brand new WMOT Trucker Hat with a snap back.

A donation of $15/month or $180/year gets you both the Of, By and For the People T-Shirt and the WMOT Trucker Hat.

And for those that love live music, get one of our thank you gifts and invitations each month to WMOT’s Wired In Sessions for $20/month or $240 a year.

Best of all your support of WMOT means YOU keep the music playing on 89.5 FM, streaming on our app and on WMOT.org!

Val Hoeppner/Executive Director, WMOT

P.S. If you’ve already given to support WMOT and keep the music playing, thank you! We appreciate your support.