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The Young Africans Choir will be Performing in Murfreesboro

The Young Africans are a gifted group of singers, musicians and
dancers who were all once a part of the world-renowned African
Children’s Choir.

Now 20-22 years old and more talented than ever, they are poised to
fulfill their promise and make a difference in their communities back

Concerts are free and open to all. A free-will offering is taken at
the performance to support programs such as education, care and relief
and development programs.

Music for Life (The parent organization for The African Children's
Choir) works in seven African countries such as, Uganda, Kenya,
Rwanda, Sudan, Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa. MFL has educated over
52,000 children and impacted the lives of over 100,000 people through
its relief and development programs during its history. MFL purpose is
to help create new leadership for tomorrow's Africa, by focusing on

Throughout the performance the Young Africans share various cultural
elements from their countries of Kenya and Uganda with a Stomp
inspired dance as well as highlighting unique African instruments.
Audiences will be inspired and moved as the transformation of once
vulnerable children to mature and educated adults unfolds.

We are proud to announce that the Young Africans will be bringing
their uplifting show Our African Dream to Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee,
Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, Ohio, and Ontario between October and

Join us as we celebrate the achievements and talents of these
remarkable young adults, who, in the face of adversity, have risen to
become the future ChangeMakers of Africa.