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Been thinking about getting a dog? Mid-state group can help


COLUMBIA, Tenn. (Dokkestul)  --  You might be surprised to learn that Wednesday is National Puppy Day.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a dog a mid-state organization has a suggestion about where you might start.

The group Russell Rescue is encouraging dog lovers to consider the option of adoption. The rescue comes to the Spring Hill PetSmart every Saturday where you can meet and interact with the dogs. Former Maury County Animal Shelter president Mary Ruth Rogers started Russell Rescue in 2002 after she noticed a pattern in the shelter.

“The terriers typically don’t do well in shelters, and particularly Jack Russells because of their intelligence level .”

Rogers says Jack Russell Terriers are one of the top breeds to be euthanized in shelters. She started Russell Rescue to encourage people to adopt. She say’s there are many advantages to adopting, the most important being the impact you make on a dogs life.

“The rewards of adoption are… you do save a life… and potentially two lives because when you adopt from a shelter they get to save another dogs life.”

Many people find adopting a positive experience, including Tristan and Adam who recently adopted their dog, lady.

“It was almost like a blind date, she just brought her to us and we tried her out and fell in love with her…She’s such a cute dog, she’s small, she cuddles in the bed…she’s just a great dog.”

Would you like to learn more about Russell Rescue of Tennessee?