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Cookeville Jazz

Dogwood Park Amphitheater, downtown Cookeville, TN Swings!Cookeville, TN – Dogwood Park will swing June 17th with the sounds of Jazz in Cookeville 2006.

The park amphitheater in downtown Cookeville comes alive at Noon with a super lineup of performances. Here's the playbill for 2006.


Rascals of Ragtyme

The Rascals of Ragtyme have made toes tap and fingers snap for decades in the Louisville area.The band is perfect for occasions such as parties, Derby events, holiday celebrations, festivals, wedding receptions, or any affair that calls for fun and festive New Orleans jazz.

Group Tachoir

Jerry Tachoir, leader of the Group Tachoir, plays Vibraphone, Marimba, Mallet Synthesizer Artist/clinician with the Ludwig/Musser Co.

Recording artist, author - Contemporary Mallet Method - An Approach to the Vibraphone & Marimba, Marlene Tachoir is an award winning composer/pianist for the Group Tachoir, plays piano, synthesizers, and scat sings.

Rod McGaha

The true mark of an artist is his willingness to delve into areas both new and old. In a short time, Rod McGaha has gained respect for doing just that. As a trumpeter, composer, vocalist, lyricist and producer, McGahais unique in his ability to combine a wide variety of influences into an eclectic, globally conscious blend which rings totally fresh. McGaha is an artist able to bring many gifts to his music. While he is admired for his unique talents as a powerhouse instrumentalist, singer and tune writer, it is McGaha's presence as a performing artist that has garnered him respect from some of the best players in the industry, including the legendary drummer Max Roach. A past winner of the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award for Outstanding Jazz Trumpeter and the Oak Lawn Jazz Festival All Star Award, McGaha has joined the ranks of some of the most promising up and coming jazz players today.

John Birdsong

John Birdsong has been described as one of the most ?soulful? upright jazz bass players in the Nashville area. John is applauded by Donald Brown, well-respected jazz pianist (Grammy-nominee), for his ability to ?lay down the groove and maintain a steady pulse.?