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Finally Friday with Tiffany Williams and Nathan Kalish

Finally Friday with Tiffany Williams and Nathan Kalish
Finally Friday with Tiffany Williams and Nathan Kalish

Tiffany Williams began playing guitar and singing when she was just a child, and by the time she was a teenager, she was performing at local clubs and festivals. With a father who was a bluegrass musician and a mother who had a deep love of country music, she grew up in a small town in the Appalachian Mountains and was exposed to music early and often. The former English teacher became moved to return to music while working on her graduate degree and decided to move to Nashville to pursue music again. She has also worked as an Appalachian/Southern dialect coach on film sets, including The Evening Hour, and is an award-winning fiction writer. These talents shine through on her new album, All Those Days of Drinking Dust.

Williams' music is a blend of country, folk, and rock, with a dash of bluegrass thrown in for good measure. She has a powerful voice that belies her petite frame, and her songs are full of emotion and heart. As a descendent of a long lineage of coal miners, her songs are intimate retellings of lives that have mostly been forgotten or brushed aside, for example, the lovely title track, "All Those Days of Drinking Dust," which is a beautiful ballad about growing up in Eastern Kentucky and being a coal miner's daughter.

All Those Days of Drinking Dust is a stunning collection of songs that will stay with you long after the last note has been played. She has a unique sound that is sure to appeal to fans of all genres of music.

Check out Williams perform "Harder Heart," "Wanted It To Be," "All Those Days of Drinking Dust," and "The Waiting" for WMOT's Finally Friday From Home.

Nathan Kalish Kalish was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, but spent considerable time traveling across Europe with his missionary parents. This unusual upbringing aided in his developing a keen eye for detail, which shows up in the brilliant character sketches that emerge in his music. Now living the dream life of being a songwriter in Nashville, the producer and multi-instrumentalist just released his sixth album to much critical acclaim. His music has been described as "haunting" and "evocative," and he has been praised extensively for his songwriting ability. From the backroads of America to dusty honky-tonks and broken-down clubs alike, Kalish has spent the last decade averaging 200 shows a year. If Malcolm Gladwell's theory is true, Kalish is a certified expert in making it as an independent artist.

Celebrated for his signature blend of country, rock, and folk and his wry sense of humor about the absurdity of life, he is well known for his storytelling songs about life on the road and American characters struggling to find their way. His new album, Great Big Motel Bed in the Sky, is a collection of 10 new songs that continue in that vein. Kalish has a clear, recognizable twang in his voice and a knack for writing catchy melodies that make these songs stick in your head long after the album is over.

Kalish has toured extensively throughout the United States and Europe and will most likely continue to do so until the aliens land, or the Rapture - whichever one comes first.

Watch Kalish perform "Past the Everglades," "Kalimotxo," "Rich Man's World," and "Independence Day" for WMOT's Finally Friday From Home.

Rachel Hurley is the Content Manager for WMOT, managing their website content and social media feeds. She currently travels and lives in an RV with her two dogs. She calls home any place she can plug into shore power.
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