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Students Urged to Prepare for Priority Registration, Meet Academic Advisers

MTSU students are being urged now to make sure they get the classes they need for summer and fall 2012 by registering during the University’s “Priority Registration” period April 2-13.

Freshmen and sophomores should make an appointment with an academic adviser today, because students who’ve completed fewer than 30 credit hours are now required to meet with an adviser before they can register.

Other students with questions or complex issues also should make an appointment ASAP with their academic advisers to ensure plenty of time to fully discuss their scheduling plans and course needs.

"Taking advantage of priority registration, instead of waiting to register later in the summer, is very important," said Dr. Deb Sells, vice president for the Division of Student Affairs and vice provost for enrollment services. 

"Demand for specific classes is monitored during priority registration and gives our university schedulers a sense of when and if additional sections are needed while the overall schedule can still be adjusted. Last-minute registration during the summer months makes it difficult for the University to react to an unexpected demand for classes."

Officials in the University College Advising Center say that students are receiving emails now with instructions on meeting their academic-advising requirements.

“While most freshmen have always been required to see an adviser prior to registration, beginning this spring, all students with fewer than 30 completed hours will be required to meet with an academic advisor prior to being able to register for summer or fall classes,” said Dr. Laurie Witherow, assistant dean of the University College.

“Careful academic advising has been proved to help students avoid mistakes in course registration and help keep them on track for graduation. Taking advantage of the early-registration period is essential for students to ensure that they have access to the classes they need to graduate!”

In addition to all students with less than 30 earned hours, some students also will be required to see an adviser before they can register for summer or fall classes. Examples include:

any student with a prescribed course requirement, who must consult with an adviser in the University College Advising Center until all requirements are completed;

all undeclared students, who are required to see their UCAC advisers; and

College of Mass Communication students with 60 earned hours and candidacy who have not filed an Upper Division form, who must meet with a faculty adviser.

Witherow added that MTSU’s academic advisers are making appointments now to see their assigned students and help with the new requirements. A campuswide schedule for walk-in advising availability in departments and colleges is located at www.mtsu.edu/advising/WalkInAdvising.shtml

For more details about Priority Registration at MTSU, visit the UCAC’s updated web page at www.mtsu.edu/advising/priorityregistration.shtml.