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By John High, Director

Murfreesboro, TN – Since 1969, WMOT has filled the airwaves of Middle Tennessee -- even before there was a department of Mass Communications. From the upper floors of the Dramatic Arts building to the Learning Resources Center, the station has seen many changes in operating styles, campus administrations, and the ever-changing names on the student employee rosters.

Broadcasting with a few hundred watts the original concept was to reach off campus as a public service. With the advent of the first academic program in mass communications, yes, with an S in its name, came an emphasis on academic support. Hard to believe in today's high-tech environment -- but WMOT was a high-tech center for the fledgling program in broadcast education. Over time came the LRC TV studios then the cable TV channel and then what was to become known as the John Bragg Mass Communication building. Today we still employ selected students in our daily operational scheme, but the emphasis is back on taking MTSU to the region via broadcast and to the world on the Internet at www.wmot.org!

With future issues of Mass Comments,the College's alum letter, we would like to reestablish contact with our former student employees. The WMOT staff hopes you would email us (wmot@mtsu.edu) your updates on what's going on with you these days -- and share contact information about your classmates.