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Obamacare open enrollment period much shorter this year


MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (OSBORNE)  --  This year’s open enrollment period for Obamacare policies is about to begin.

Keep in mind that the enrollment period has been shortened significantly for those needing to open or renew their marketplace health insurance policies for 2018.

Here in Murfreesboro The Primary Care and Hope Clinic is the place to go if you need help navigating the federal website. The clinic’s Cindy Rhae says get these dates on your calendar.

“Open enrollment is from November 1 through December 15 so only a month and a half verses…used to be I think two to three months over the last couple of years."

Rhae says that in 2018 there health policies from two providers will be available. Plans will be available from Signa, along with a new carrier in Tennessee called Oscar Health.

Expect some sticker shock. Coverage costs are rising dramatically again this year. But Rhae notes corresponding jump in available tax credits may offset the increase.

“For many people who qualify for the tax credit, even though the premium goes up, sometimes their tax credit goes up as well.”

In spite of the political chaos surrounding Obamacare, Rhae says her clinic hasn’t seen a lot of panic among patients holding the policies. She notes that the Affordable Care Act was controversial from day one and policy holders may just being getting used to constant turmoil.

Again, remember enrollment begins November 1 and ends December 15.