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VA works to support some 500 caregivers serving mid-state vets at home


MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (OSBORNE)  --  The Veteran’s Administration says some 500 Middle Tennessee residents are serving as caregivers for disabled veteran family members.

The Caregiver Support Program allows vets who are disabled to remain in their homes. The program provides caregivers with training, counseling, access to support groups, and some receive financial assistance.

Clarksville resident Paula Anderson cares for her disabled veteran husband Brian Anderson. She says he suffers from PTSD, depression and survivor’s guilt.

Paula says in spite of Brian’s 100 percent disability, the couple works at staying positive.

“Every day we get up and we decide, ‘This is who we are today. Even in the pain we can still see the beauty in that pain and the love for each other and for our family.”

The VA recently partnered with Operation Song to hold a song writing session for the caregivers. Paula says having someone focus on her experience was a revelation.

“Not my husband’s story as a soldier, and our family, but they actually wanted to know what was my story and how I felt about being his caregiver, so it was a real powerful moment for me.”

Mid-state singer-songwriter Jenn Franklin helped Paula finish her song, entitled See the Beauty. Franklin performed the piece at recent VA tribute ceremony for the caregivers.

Would you like to learn more about the VA Caregiver Program

Use the link below to listen to a complete recording of Paula Anderson's See the Beauty as performed by Jenn Franklin.

See the Beauty