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AAA: Big bump in Tennessee gas prices just ahead


KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (OSBORNE)  --  AAA says get ready for a spike in fuel prices.

Stephanie Milani with AAA Tennessee says gasoline prices have risen about 6 cents in the past week, but a much sharper rise in pump prices is just ahead.

Milani says part of that spike is seasonal as the nation’s oil refineries shut down for spring maintenance, and also as they switch over to cleaner burning summer grade gasoline.

“Once that gasoline gets to the gas pump we see prices go up there because the gasoline is more expensive to add the additives in and more expensive to produce, so that cost gets passed on to the consumers.”

But Milani says in addition to the usual spring bump in fuel prices, a steep rise in crude oil prices will also begin impacting the prices you see at the pump.

“About 15 cents in the short-term due to those rising geo-political tensions in the Middle East. The conflict in Syria has sent crude prices to their highest point in more than three years, and as a result motorists are going to see that at the pump.”

Monday’s statewide average price for a gallon of unleaded regular gasoline reached $2.51. That’s up six cents in the past week, 19 cents over the past month.

Tennessee’s average fuel price is 20 cents lower than the national average.

Chattanooga had Tennessee’s cheapest gasoline on Monday at $2.46 a gallon. Unleaded regular was selling then at an average $2.56 in Nashville.

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