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A new report grades Middle Tennessee hospitals for safety


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (OSBORNE)  --  The patient advocacy group Leapfrog is out with its annual hospital safety report, including scores for hospitals here in Middle Tennessee.

This is the sixth year Leapfrog has provided its annual hospital review. TThe 2018 grades some 2500 hospitals nationwide, including 61 mid-state facilities.

Leapfrog’s Erica Mobley says the survey digs into 27 safety concerns, including staffing ratios, infection rates, technology use, and preventable errors. She says most Metro hospitals did reasonably well.

“The majority of hospitals in your area are “A”s and “B”s. We do see one “D” hospital, which is concerning, but overall, citizens in your area should be reassured knowing there are a lot of hospitals offering safer care for their patients.”

It was Nashville General that got the “D” grade. Nine Nashville hospitals received an “A” rating, while five received a “B” grade.

Craig Becker with the Tennessee Hospital Association notes ratings services often give the same hospital very different scores, but he still says patients should compare.

“It’s one that the public should take a look at and get behind the numbers and make sure that they’re comfortable before they would use that hospital."

Leapfrog’s Erica Mobley says patients should be proactive about their own safety during a hospital stay.

“Bringing a family member or loved one along with them to serve as their advocate and watch out for them. Making sure all health care providers wash their hands to reduce the spread of infection.”

Would you like to review the complete Leapfrog 2018 hospital safety report?