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Get ready for Wednesday's Big Payback!


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (OSBORNE)  --  Mid-state non-profits are gearing up for this year’s Big Payback.

The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee hosts the annual, one-day event designed to help donors connect with charities that share their particular passion.

Foundation President Ellen Lehman says whatever charitable work you might be interested in, you’ll likely find a non-profit involved here in Middle Tennessee.

“Organizations who serve animals, organizations who serve arts and culture, community improvement, education is always a big topic, environment, health, housing and shelter, human services, religion, youth development.”

Lehman says information about some 1700 mid-state charities can be found at thebigpayback.org. You can sort them by location, interest, size and name.

Last year The Big Payback received more than 20,000 gifts for area non-profits. The average gift was $100, but the majority of gifts were for $25 or less.

Lehman says one participant told her browsing charities on the website and doling out a few dollars to those she found interesting was the best shopping spree she’d ever been on.

“She found information about organizations she had never heard of, and organizations that she had heard of but didn’t really know what they did. At the end of the day she ended up making 25 - $10 gifts.”

The Big Payback is scheduled for May 2. If you want to go ahead and begin scoping out interesting charities, visit thebigpayback.org