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Conservative think tank offers ideas for solving Nashville's traffic troubles


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (OSBORNE)  --  A mid-state organization that was instrumental in defeating Nashville’s $5 billion transit plan has released its own ideas for solving the city’s transportation problems.

The Beacon Center is a conservative think tank and advocacy group that works to keep government bureaucracy in check.

Policy Coordinator Ron Shultis says the Center has developed a set of nine suggestions for improving Music City transit that can be implemented quickly and at a lower cost than the plan developed by former Mayor Megan Barry.

“Even if the ‘Let’s move Nashville’ had been passed, it would have taken 10 to 15 years to see some of the early results from these reforms. What we wanted to focus on were things that could be done quickly and cost effectively to make a difference in the next year or two.”

The Beacon Center is advocating for a smart traffic control system for every major intersection in the county. A second suggestion involves reducing government red tape to give entrepreneurs room to innovate new solutions.

Metro Councilman Jeff Syracuse supported the original “Move Nashville” plan, and he likes the idea of giving startups the room to innovate creative transit solutions. But he also points to the problems the city has had in recent months with the scooter rental company Bird.

“Using them on Ellington Parkway. Running through sidewalks. People have been hit. So, you know, when that happens what are they gonna do? The victim is gonna sue the city. So we’ve gotta protect ourselves and make sure that we have regulations in place.”

Would you like to review all nine of the Beacon Center’s transportation ideas?