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MEET THE CANDIDATES: Craig Fitzhugh for governor


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (SARAH GRACE TAYLOR)  --  WMOT is spending the summer talking with the 2018 mid-term candidates for statewide office. We recently spoke with Democratic candidate for governor, Craig Fitzhugh.

Fitzhugh, the minority leader of the Tennessee House of Representatives, says early grade school education would be one of his main focuses as governor.

“It's the most important thing we do in state government. it's constitutionally required. It is where we put the most money and that shows that it's the most important to us so we need to do some things that will hope pre k-12."

Fitzhugh believes that early childhood education, with an emphasis on literacy by grade 3, is the cornerstone to a better education and that better education should be the state's first priority.

Another goal for Fitzhugh is providing affordable health care and a strong health infrastructure across the state.

“We have to expand Medicaid. There is no moral reason, no medical reason, no material reason, financial reason that we don't expand Medicaid now."

Like many current and prospective politicians in Tennessee and nationally, Fitzhugh also considers the opioid epidemic a top priority.

If elected, Fitzhugh says he would expand efforts implemented at the state level by current governor Bill Haslam to prevent prescription drug abuse and related fatalities.

WMOT has invited every candidate for statewide office to talk with us. You can find some of those conversations linked below. Others will be shared with you as we hear from each one.

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