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It's no big fix, but TDOT wants to improve the I-24 Murf. to Nashville commute


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (OSBORNE)  --  There’s some small relief on the horizon for the 115,000 plus motorists struggling to get from Murfreesboro to Nashville and back again each day along I-24.

The Tennessee Department of Transportation is gearing up to make a number of improvements to that overworked traffic corridor that should offer at least some improvement.

TDOT says the changes will not include widening the interstate. They say doing so just isn’t cost effective. Spokesperson B.J. Doughty says more modest improvements are being considered at about 15 locations along the 30 mile corridor.

“There will be some on and off ramp extensions. There’s going to be a heavy ITS component. That’s intelligent transportation system. That’s the cameras, the overhead signs and we’ll just be taking that to the next level.”

Doughty says the state also plans to invest in more rapid response services to get the interstate back open as quickly as  possible following a crash.

In addition, TDOT is in talks with Murfreesboro, Smyrna and LaVergne about making improvements along Murfreesboro Pike to make that route a more attractive alternative to I-24.

Doughty says the planned improvements may not necessarily shorten travel times, but TDOT hopes they will at least make the commute more consistent.

“One day it may take 30 minutes to drive to Nashville from Murfreesboro and the next day it may take 90. So our goal is that motorists can have a little bit better expectation about what kind of time it’s going to take to make that drive.”

TDOT hopes to finalize its plans by September and bid the work in October. Actual construction could begin in late fall.