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Tenn. Senator Corker blasts White House for lack of 'coherent' foriegn policy


WASHINGTON, DC (OSBORNE)  --  Tennessee Senator Bob Corker not only presided over Wednesday’s three hour grilling of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, but led the intense questioning President Trump’s foreign policy leader endured yesterday.

During a meeting of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Corker chairs lawmakers from both sides of the political aisle expressed confidence in Secretary Pompeo.


But many also expressed grave concerns about the president’s handling of foreign policy. His recent one-one-one meetings with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and Russian President Vladimir Putin were clearly of particular concern to the committee members.

Tennessee’s junior senator set a combative tone for the meeting with his opening remarks.

“The administration tells us ‘Don’t worry. Be patient. There’s a strategy here,’ but from where we sit it appears that in a ‘Ready, Fire, Aim’ fashion the White House is waking up every morning and making it up as they go.”

Pompeo steadfastly refused to share with the committee what President Trump discussed in those off-the-record meetings with Putin and Kim. He insisted the president is entitled to have private meetings.

Pompeo also ticked off a long list of tough policy measures he says President Trump has initiated against both Russia and North Korea since taking office.

Senator Corker praised Pompeo’s leadership of the State Department, but chided the Secretary for his refusal to answer the committee’s questions.

“I notice that you are not responding to what I’m saying,” Corker said. Pompeo replied, “I think I’ve responded to everything that you’ve asked, Senator.” “No you haven’t,” Corker fired back.

Pompeo can expect more such grillings in the near future. Corker noted that he plans to hold a series of similar Foreign Relations Committee meetings in the months to come.

You can view the video of Pompeo's appearance before the Senate Foriegn Relations Committee here.