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Landing that next gig goes social for Nashville music professionals


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (OSBORNE)  --  The music professional’s social network jammcard.com is now accepting Nashville membership requests. Jammcard is a by-invitation-only networking site founded by LA based drummer and band manager Elmo Lovano.

“I was just really frustrated with the fact that we don’t really have a digital, social database for the music industry…and several other efficiencies that I just wanted to solve for musicians.”

Lovano says artists are welcome, but he really launched the project for the people who stand just outside the spotlight.

“We’re mostly about the musicians, the writers, the producers, the engineers, the managers.”

Jammcard launched in LA and expanded to Atlanta earlier this year. Lovano says Nashville was an obvious next choice.

“I just knew that there was, like, a plethora of just amazing talent here, and it just seemed like a non-brainer that that would be the next city for us to go to. I mean it is music city.”

Lovano has collected a number of local endorsements. Lady Antebellum drummer Ian O’Neill is quoted on the website saying

“I watched it work in L.A. and I watched it work in Atlanta. Gone are the days of aimlessly searching for and trying to vet players for real opportunities.“

Jammcard vets new applicants to be sure they really are industry professionals. But Levano says there are site features for rookies and students. For example, the site features a series of interviews about how members managed to land their first gig.

Drummer Rico Nichols notes it took two tries to earn a spot with Kendrick Lamar.

“I was 19. So, I’d say like a year later I got another phone call. Tony Russel, Kendrick Lamar gig…and that’s how it went.”

Would you like to visit jammcard.com?