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The OTHER items Nashville voters will see on the November ballot



NASHVILLE, Tenn. (OSBORNE)  --  National and statewide mid-term election races are getting all the press, but Nashville residents will see a handful of referenda on the November ballot.

Among them, several proposals to change the Metro Charter.

Councilwoman Angie Henderson proposed one of five Metro Charter changes that will appear on the ballot. Henderson is asking Nashville voters to approve making the charter itself, gender neutral.

“All the references were to “councilman.” Councilman, councilman, councilman. He, he, he. So what this does, and I think it’s high time, is just make this gender neutral such that all ‘he’ references become ‘he or she.” Policeman becomes police officer.”

Henderson says she sees it as important that residents, especially children, see themselves reflected in the city’s foundational documents.

Councilman Dave Rosenberg also has a proposed charter change on the November ballot. Rosenberg wants to add a plan of succession for the city’s vice mayor, something the charter doesn’t currently stipulate.

“Under this amendment the council would be able to elect someone from within the county who would be a place holder until a special election was held.”

Rosenberg says his charter change stipulates that the temporary Vice Mayor would not be allowed to run for the office during the special election that follows.

Rosenberg proposed the change after Mayor Megan Barry was forced from office earlier this year and Vice Mayor David Briley moved up to fill the post. That left the Vice Mayor’s office empty for several months.