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As we head into the giving season, ideas for giving local


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (OSBORNE)  --  If you’re looking for local donation ideas as we head into the giving season, remember the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee maintains a database of some 1700 reliable charities.

You can check it out at Givingmatters.guidestar.org.

The online tool lets you sort mid-state organizations by name, location, and type of charity. The charity profiles are kept up to date and each one is vetted by the foundation.

The Community Foundation’s Pat Embry says there are also plenty of great opportunities for people who have more time than money.

“Giving does not necessarily mean you have to give money. There are any number of ways to volunteer your time and effort. They don’t call Tennessee the Volunteer State for nothing.”

Embry suggests you connect with the group Hands on Nashville if you’re looking for volunteer opportunities.

If you’re looking for giving opportunities directly related to Middle Tennessee’s music industry you might want to check out the magazine Givealittlenashville.com

Launched in 2012, the quarterly magazine tells the stories of local charities that have a music business connection.

Founder and editor Krys Midgett says over the years the magazine has published interviews with BJ Thomas, Tracey Lawrence, Blake Shelton, Randy Owen and others about their personal charitable ventures.

“They were all so passionate about the stuff that they give to. And that’s where a lot of our interviews go and sometimes we wind up crying together over something that, you know, made them want to do that charity.”

Proceeds from magazine ad sales go to Midgett’s own charity. Give a Little Christmas provides toys for needy mid-state children.