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Granville Automatic album taps into Music City's rich history


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (OSBORNE)  --  The musical duo Granville Automatic is out with a tribute to Music City’s rich history.

Elizabeth Elkins and Vanessa Olivarez began touring together nearly a decade ago and have made Nashville home for the last four years.


The pair say they got tired of trying to write just one more love song. They found the history of the places they toured much more interesting.


Radio Hymns is the name of their new Nashville themed album. Its 13 cuts include songs about a hanging on Music Row and Prohibition Era speakeasies in Printer’s Alley.


Elizabeth Elkins notes Nashville’s story can be pretty gruesome.


“Adalica Acklen, who was the founder of Belmont, and her first husband who died in New Orleans and she chopped him up and put him in whiskey barrels and sent him back home.”


Vanessa Olizarez says she was surprised to learn that Jimi Hendrix has a Nashville connection. She wonders how Music City mi0ght be different today if the North Nashville clubs Hendrix played in had been preserved.


“Had we been able to keep that running and keep those clubs open and continued to really preserve that as a part of our Nashville history, then maybe that would have been a whole Memphis inside Nashville that we would have been able to be exposed to.”


Here's a digital link to Radio Hymns and the Granville Automatic website.