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Mayor Briley: Nashville first in South to recognize LGBT businesses


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (OSBORNE)  --  Nashville the first city in the South to recognize LGBT-owned businesses, following the release of an executive order signed by Mayor David Briley.

“When we talk about doing business and providing economic opportunity to everybody in our community, it shouldn’t matter who you love, or how you identify. That’s what today is really all about in the city of Nashville.”

The mayor's office says the order allows businesses to self-identify as LGBT-owned. It also allows Metro to monitor and track how many contracts LGBT-owned businesses sign with the city. Additionally, LGBT-owned businesses will have access to programs and services similar to those offered to minority, disabled and women-owned businesses.

Briley's announcement drew praise from local and national gay business organizations. Chance Mitchell heads the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce. He says diversity just makes sense.

“Great diversity among suppliers encourages greater innovation and competition. Greater competition lowers bid prices. Lower bid prices result in millions of dollars in tax payer savings across the Nashville area that can be reinvested into the roads, schools, and services that help all communities.”

Metro Councilmember Nancy VanReece was the first gay lawmaker to hold an elected position in a legislative body in Tennessee. She thanked Mayor Briley for his leadership and concluded that she couldn’t be more proud of Nashville.