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New podcast 'a chance to go deep' with beloved country artists


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (OSBORNE)  --  The Country Music Hall of Fame has a new podcast you might want to check out.

Peter Cooper, the Hall’s senior director, producer, and writer, will serve as the podcast host. His hope is that the interviews will help fans get to know the artists as he knows them, as people and musicians…not just stars on a distant stage.

“They can understand the motivations of these musicians in a real cool way that they would not be able to by tuning into some red carpet interview.... It’s a chance to go deep.”

In a recent podcast Cooper had Ricky Skaggs recount the night Bluegrass legend Bill Monroe called a six year old Ricky up on stage, hung that famous Monroe mandolin around the boy's neck, and invited him to play a tune.

“I mean for a six year old boney frame, that was the size of a guitar nearly. So much bigger than what my little mandolin which my dad had bought me the year before. He bought me a half-pint size and this was like a full gallon or two gallon.”

Peter Cooper says it’s that kind of intimate recollection the podcast will focus on.

Six episodes are available now, including visits with Skaggs, Bentley, Marcy Chapin Carpenter, Rosanne Cash, Charlie Worsham and Dave Cobb. More are in the works.

You can find Voices in the Hall wherever you download your favorite podcasts, or browse by voicesinthehall.org.

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