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Tennessee provides new layer of protection for abuse survivors


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (OSBORNE)  --  The State of Tennessee is offering a new tool to protect survivors of domestic abuse, human trafficking, stalking, and rape from further harm.

The Tennessee Safe at Home program shields survivors by making their current address and personal information confidential. The state gives residents who qualify a substitute address that can be used legally for any state or local government business.

The new shield program is being administered by Tennessee Secretary of State Tre Hargett.

“According to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, 18 domestic violence related murder victims in 2017 were repeat victims or had reported domestic abuse before their deaths.  Two-thousand-one-hundred and sixty-nine (2169) domestic assault victims in 2017 were repeat victims.”

You may be eligible to participate in Safe at Home if are currently fleeing an abuser, living in a crisis shelter, temporarily living with family or friends, have moed within the past month, have children who are at risk, or rely on public assistance programs.

Tennessee Safe at Home Program Coordinator Stacey Scruggs explains what happens next if you qualify.

“The Secretary of State will issue the program participant a unique substitute address, a unique participant identification number, and an acknowledgement of program participation with an authorization card that may be used statewide for proof of participation.”

If you or someone you know is an abuse survivor who might like to learn more, browse by tn.gov/safeathome.