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Huge developments planned for Franklin, Nashville riverfront

906 Studio Architects
provided by MarketStreet Enterprises

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (OSBORNE)  -- Two big new development deals suggest investors continue to find Middle Tennessee an irresistible opportunity.

Business reporter Adam Sichko says every time he thinks the mid-state can’t possibly reach any higher, new development deals raise the bar. Sichko recently reported on two such high-profile projects for the Nashville Business Journal.

The first of two ventures is East Works District, a mixed used development in Cool Springs. Developers say the walkable community will include office buildings, residential structures, retail businesses, restaurants, hotels and green spaces.

Sichko says the project is interesting, and the people behind the venture even more so.

“A company called Market Street Enterprises, which was founded by members of the Turner family that founded the retail chain Dollar General. They’ve put a lot of their resources that stem from that successful business venture into creating The Gulch in downtown Nashville.”

A second deal valued at $500 million is being proposed for the Nashville riverfront. An Atlanta based investor hopes to transform the former Nuehoff Packing Company slaughterhouse into a mixed use development.


An old slaughterhouse might seem an unlikely candidate for redevelopment, but Sichko says several former industrial sites have been given new life in a similar fashion.

“This seems to be the type of office space and retail space that, increasingly, a lot more companies find desirable and, in fact, are willing to pay a higher rent to be in this kind of space.”

Adam Sichko notes a real estate convention scheduled in Nashville later this month could generate even more interest in mid-state development.


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