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Nashville School Board sets closure vote for Knowledge Academy


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (OSBORNE) -- The Nashville School Board will likely vote Aug. 27 on a motion to close three Metro schools run by charter operator Knowledge Academy.

Notice was given at Tuesday night’s meeting that the vote would be scheduled.

Earlier this year, the Tennessean brought to light a number of problems at the school, including financial irregularities and understaffing.

The schools are located in Board Member Fran Bush’s Antioch district. Bush railed against the charter for nearly ten minutes before making a motion to add a closure vote to the August 27 meeting.

“And I’m gonna be there until the end...until this is all done. Because these children don’t deserve this. I want this school closed.”

The School Board had planned to vote on closing the charter earlier this year, but that effort temporarily stalled when the Knowldege Academy sued the board, claiming it had violated the state’s open meetings law.

The presiding judge in that case ruled that the school board can proceed with it's action against Knowledge Academy, even as the lawsuit proceeds.

An MNPS staff attorney informed the board last night that the Academy has now filed a second lawsuit against them.

If the MNPS School Board does vote to close the charter, Knowledge Academy's doors are likely to stay open through the end of the school year. Charters do have the option to appeal school board decisions to the state.