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Antioch booster Ben Freeland pushes for mall re-development

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (OSBORNE)  -- A plan to revitalize the old Antioch Mall could prove an early test of campaign pledges by new Nashville Mayor John Cooper to prioritize development outside the downtown city core. 

Car dealer and longtime Antioch business booster Ben Freeland recently announced his plan to buy and repurpose the 27 acre property. Nashville Business Journal Senior Reporter Adam Sichko spoke to Freeland about what he’s calling a “dynamic” mixed use development of the site.


“With likely apartments, perhaps a hotel, and some other retail and restaurant amenities. The heart of his vision is what he’s calling an innovation district.”

Freeland wants to plant a business incubator at the 600 thousand square foot site. Sichko says he sees a need to boost interest in areas other than music and health care, which have traditionally dominated the attention of mid-state investors.

Sichko says that to get his mall redevelopment off the ground, Freeland will have to find business boosters of his own in the mayor’s office and city council.


“Antioch is already seeing the kind of population growth and job growth that would seem to set it up to really further accelerate if Metro were to put some money on the table.”

Sichko says Freeland’s plan could face some competition. He notes a billion dollar development project is underway directly across Interstate 24.

Ben Freeland reportedly hopes to finalize purchase of the mall by year’s end and begin construction next spring.

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