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Mavericks Single "Poder Vivir" from Upcoming 'En Espanol' Album

The Mavericks have become quite the force of nature since they reunited back in 2012. And they have been checking ‘must do’ things off their list, like going to Cuba to make the PBS special Havana Time Machine, and starting their own label and management company. The latest wish fulfillment is recording a Spanish Language/Latin Music album En Espanol. Of course, Tex Mex and Tejano have always factored into their rich tapestry of sonics. It is an American melting pot, as is the band itself.

Producer Niko Bolas returns, helping to capture their unique and powerful sound. For as fat as those tracks are, somehow The Mavericks are hotter still in performance. WMOT was honored to present them during AmericanaFest 2019 at War Memorial Auditorium. 

On En Espanol due out on August 21st, The Mavericks are joined again by the Fantastic Five sidemen and longtime collaborators, Tejano accordion legend Flaco Jiménez, and Grammy-winning keyboardist and arranger Alberto Salas. The first single is out now, “Poder Vivir” and WMOT will debut it today at 4:10pm.

Jessie Scott is WMOT program director, afternoon host and host of Wired In. Scott has a long history in radio and was the creator of XM's X Country channel.