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Kalen & Aslyn Premeire "Don't Take It Out On Me"

Kalen & Aslyn “Don’t Take It Out On Me”

You might not know their names under this new moniker, Kalen & Aslyn, but you just might be familiar with their music. Kalen enjoyed his first national notoriety with the psychedelic Southern Rock band Ponderosa, while Aslyn was a solo artist with a Top 40 single, “Lemon Love.” The duo met in Atlanta, where Kalen & Aslyn launched the synth-pop duo Dega. Kalen & Aslyn bring a new album on July 10thBack of Our Minds, which brings a California country sensibility to a set of emotionally honest, gossamer spun tunes. 

This writing and eventually the album, were crafted over the decade as Kalen and Aslyn nurtured their separate paths while their relationship evolved. The Athens, GA based duo produced the album together. The first single is available tomorrow, and WMOT is proud to be premiering “Don’t Take It Out On Me”, a day before release. We are talking gorgeous harmony here, a song that sounds like you know it by heart upon first listen.

Jessie Scott is WMOT's program director, host of weekday afternoons and WMOT's Wired In series.

Jessie Scott is WMOT program director, afternoon host and host of Wired In. Scott has a long history in radio and was the creator of XM's X Country channel.