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Liner Notes

So Long Summer, Hello Fall

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Ana Lee
Dog Days

It’s the last day of summer, the Fall Equinox is tomorrow and the weather is responding accordingly. If you’re like me, it’s a mix of not wanting to let go of those last few warm sunny days and a welcoming of the change in seasons; that feeling you get when that first hint of cool in the air hits you. This was a weird summer, again. A series of stops and starts and stops again with the pandemic and being a playlist fiend, what else was I to do but get a bunch of summer songs together. My summertime playlist for 2021 inspired WMOT’s Tuesday Night Special tonight, “So Long Summer, Hello Fall”.

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It’s an hour show starting at 7pm and I hope you’ll join me as we move through summer and welcome autumn on the eve of the Fall Equinox. I also wanted to include my summertime playlist here for you so when you need a little brightness in your day, you can just click below and get over four hours of summertime tunes! Happy Fall and Happy Americana Fest!