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Nashville Rock Trio Iron Range Release New Song, “Shadows In The Night”

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Nicola Harger/Nicola Harger
Iron Range

It’s been almost a year since Nashville indie-rock trio Iron Range released their debut full length album. I was somehow lucky enough to stumble across them while they were releasing singles leading up to the October 2020 release of Future Fortunes. Iron Range has also been the backing band for Austin Plaine with the band’s Ben Garrett in the producer chair. In keeping with their heartland rock, jangly guitar, harmony singing sound, a new single, “Shadows In The Night” was just released. We’ll get to know Iron Range and find out what they’ve got coming for us. 

AnaLee: I’ve been wanting to find out more about Iron Range since last year when I first heard the song “County Blues” from last year’s Future Fortunes, the band’s debut full length. Can you introduce us to the band and give us a little history up to last October’s album release?
Ben: Iron Range hails from Nashville, TN, but of course is made up of a cocktail of Midwesterners, east coasters, and an Oregonian to boot. The band started as an initial solo project for me, but once the band was assembled and played its first show at The Basement's "New Faces Night," in May of 2017, Mike Grimes, who was MC'ing the evening, proudly proclaimed the act an obvious example of a "band," and ultimately, the group agreed and became, Iron Range. From there on out, the band has self-produced and embraced the indie rock / Americana road that lies before us. In October of 2020, we released our self-produced album, Future Fortunes. We recorded the album live as a 5-piece at our favorite studio in town, Smoakstack. I see our first album as a polaroid of 5 guys in a studio playing music trying to bottle the live energy that this band produces - which to be honest, is the band's greatest super power. 

AnaLee: You just released a new single, “Shadows In the Night” and I’m hoping that means more new music is on the way. Tell us a little about this song and if you have plans for a new ep, full length or even just more singles coming, I’ll take ‘em one at a time! 
Ben: Yes! Shadows In The Night is the first single of many - roughly 12 tunes that were birthed out of the 2020 quarantine. I was on a 6 week tour when suddenly COVID shut down the world, so I jumped right into writing and producing around 75 tunes. Thanks to the internet and mobile recording, we were able to have everyone throw down their parts on the album and the results have been really exciting. Our sound has morphed from Americana rock to a dreamier moody space. Somewhere in between a John Hughes movie and the looming mysteriousness of a David Lynch movie. We'll be releasing singles for the next couple months and will plan for an LP release in 2022, entitled "Interstate Music". 

AnaLee: An Artist we love at WMOT is North Dakota born, Minnesota raised and currently Nashville based singer songwriter Austin Plaine. Tell us about the Iron Range-Austin Plaine connection and producing his 2021 ep, Fangs.
Ben: Austin is a dear friend who we met after our first show at the Basement in 2017. Most of Iron Range is from the Minneapolis scene, and while we didn't know AP while we lived there, it was like meeting a kindred spirit. We have toured as Austin's backing band, I've gotten to play and produce some of his music, and ultimately, he's just one of the guys. I'm so thankful for our connection with AP, as we've definitely defined our little "pocket" of the Nashville music scene by curating shows with him. It's nice to have camaraderie and I know both artists' material have benefited from it.  We're rock 'n roll history buffs (Literally, I'll read any musician's bio or memoir that I can get my hands on) and we've always joked that Austin was our Jackson Browne to our Eagles. That's the goal, anyway!

"Shadows in The Night"

"County Blues"

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