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Nashville’s Brontё Fall Premieres New Video, “Outsmart Love”, With A Nod To The Artist’s Literary Namesakes

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Bronte Fall

Led by singer/songwriter and classically trained multi-instrumentalist Teri Bracken, Brontё Fall is a Nashville-based indie-folk outfit. The band is named for Bracken’s love of English Literature, an Emily Brontё poem in particular, that we’ll find out more about and how it relates to this new release, “Outsmart Love”. Written with collaborator Isaac Slutsky and produced by Jake Finch, “Outsmart Love” is the follow up to “Indiana”, another single released earlier this year, both will be included on Brontё Fall’s upcoming 2022 release. The video, out today, was directed by Nashville singer and songwriter, Kelsey Kopecky.

AnaLee: No matter how book-smart, well-read, highly educated one might be, you just can’t outsmart love! This is so true, Teri! There’s an Emily Brontё poem that inspired the name of your band, Brontё Fall and played a part in the formation of this new release, “Outsmart Love”. Can you tell us about that connection?
Teri: Yes! One of the joys of putting this last EP together was finding out how much this group of songs correlated to the name of my band, which is based on Emily Brontë’s poem “Fall, Leaves, Fall”. The poem is about finding beauty in the darker seasons of fall and winter. 2020 was certainly a dark spell for me, involving a brutal breakup. Through this song, I really sought to take my broken heart and turn it into art. The finished product, and all that went into its creation is quite beautiful. From writing the initial song, to going into the studio with it, to scoping out the location for the music video and bringing the entire vision to life- it was therapeutic, fun and powerful.

AnaLee:  The video for “Outsmart Love” is so clever and beautifully shot. I was really excited to learn that long time Nashville singer and songwriter, Kelsey Kopecky directed this video. I’m a fan of Kelsey’s music and it’s great to see this creative outlet for her as well. You two seem like a great match artistically, can you tell us about the concept and making the video?
Teri: Yes! I loved the team for this music video. I worked with Kelsey and Oceanna, who is a fabulous videographer in town! We had several zoom meetings and Pinterest boards made, took trips to vintage stores and estate sales. The prep was quite the to-do! One of our first hurdles was creating a “wintertime” vibe in the middle of spring, lol. The concept we wanted to create was that of a writer in a cozy cabin somewhere in the woods writing her next great novel. We wanted the time and place to feel somewhat ambiguous because the theme of the song, after all, is timeless. Was it 2020 or 1960 or even 1900?  We chose not to have any laptops or contemporary pieces; instead the room is lit by candlelight and there are old letters and books everywhere. I’m wearing a vintage nighty that Kelsey found at an estate sale. The entire piece is a nod to the Brontë sisters, the writers that they were. And I love the irony with the books, and the idea that you can’t read your way out of this one - heartbreak. One of the great mysteries for any age or generation - love.

"Outsmart Love" video still

AnaLee: I hear more synthesizers and pop sounds on “Indiana”, the first single you released earlier this year. “Outsmart Love” still has that acoustic indie folk feel. What can you tell us a little about the upcoming ep that both of these songs will be on and how it differs from your sophomore ep, 202’s Finishing School?
Teri: Great question! I wrote and recorded this EP through 2020- a very turbulent year for me (and SO many others). What I was craving through all of the chaos was an escape. When I got into the studio, I sort of let go of caring what I “should” sound like and what it would mean for my artist brand. I just wanted to have fun and create. I wanted to experiment and lean into whatever I was feeling in the moment, resulting in the synthesizers and pop sounds! I was less concerned about remaining in a genre box (which admittedly I did with my last two releases). It felt so liberating and fun at a time when I needed it the most!

AnaLee: Originally from Chicago, you spent time in Boston at the Berklee College of Music and in New York before making your way to Nashville about four years ago. Nashville has so much to offer when it comes to artistic collaborations, variety of music being made here and other outlets for creativity. But I’m curious what the country music capital looks like to a classically trained artist leaning more towards indie pop sounds than twang and what drew you to wanting Nashville to be your home base?
Teri: You know, naive 22-year-old Teri would never have dreamt in a million years that I would end up in Nashville! I always had my sights set on New York City. But I realized when I came to Nashville four and a half years ago, there was no other place in the country or the world with a music community like this, and one so centralized! There are so many artists and musicians here, there are so many genres happening all at once and mixing with each other, and it’s quite exciting. I felt like I had found home in the songwriting community here. I was previously in Chicago and was feeling stuck. I didn’t know what to do next with my career and being in Nashville, I saw a future. I knew the next steps and most importantly, I saw a community. Not to fully digress here, but it can be lonely growing up in a North Suburban town where it feels like everyone is designated to be a doctor, lawyer or business professional. When you get to be in your mid to late twenties, it feels like you are expected to settle in that place with no one like you or in your field. I was SO grateful to find Nashville; it felt like the place where I belonged.

AnaLee: Thanks for talking to me, Teri. Keep us posted on the new release next year and any shows you have coming up. Happy holidays!
Teri: Thank you so much for having me, AnaLee! I appreciate the support! There will be more news coming on my EP release in the new year, and I have a big show planned at the OG Basement on Thursday, Feb. 10th!

“Outsmart Love”


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