Ana Lee

Host/Music Director

Ana Lee is the host and producer of "The Local Brew," a weekly radio show plus a live showcase for Nashville based artists. She hosts mid-days on 89.5 WMOT Roots Radio, Nashville, is a voice over artist and curator of musical experiences for events.

A Los Angeles native, Ana Lee has been on the air at several Southern California stations, from Santa Barbara's KTYD to legendary Los Angeles rocker, 105.5 KNAC. More recently, she hosted afternoons at WRLT, Nashville.

She's interviewed artists from John Hiatt, Brandi Carlile, Sheryl Crow and Kacey Musgraves to Ozzy Osbourne, John Waite and more, local politicians, non-profits, covered events such as the Grammys, MTV Video Music Awards and worked at Capitol Records, A & M Records and House of Blues.

Ana Lee's other passions include animals, nature and gardening. She lives on a mini farm north of Nashville with two horses and a rescue pup named Archie.


Jazz, pop, soul, blues… it’s all part of the sound from MELD – the music moniker for Melanie Dewey, a Nashville songwriter and musician with a rich and bold voice. Bold lyrically, musically and visually as evidenced in the gorgeous deep blue colors in her album artwork. The image evokes a cool bluesy jazz sound which is just part of the blend in this unique artist’s style. In a trying year for her personally, in addition to the collective stress of living through a pandemic and contentious election season, MELD released her debut full length album, Words of The Water.

Heidi Rolf

Born in Memphis, Tennessee and growing up on gospel and country music in Mississippi, Nashville’s Matt Hectorne sounds like he is well aware of the musical roots of his home states, although he doesn’t fit neatly into any one genre. His unique take on classic influences gives the listener just enough nostalgia to be drawn in and the way each song develops holds your interest plus will keep you humming these catchy melodies for days on end. My first experience with Matt’s music was back in 2013 when he handed me a copy of his album, Matt Hectorne and The Family Tree.


Ana Lee is WMOT’s ear to the ground for emerging and local artists working in our remarkable hometown, and she filters all she hears – live and on record – into the Local Brew, the weekly show and daily feature she’s hosted since April of 2019. Now she’s taken stock of 2020 and picked ten albums particularly worthy of remembering as the year comes to a close.

After ten years of getting kicked out of bars in New York, Stuffy Shmitt finally figured out that “his brain was on fire” because he was actually suffering from bipolar disorder. He made the move to Nashville six years ago and, as he points out in his bio, “finally got my head screwed on tight enough to make a new record.” Stuff Happens is Shmitt’s first in eight years, although he did release two full length albums in 2012! Stuff Happens came out earlier this month and I wanted to include it before I take a little holiday hiatus from Liner Notes.

Jo Lopez

SZLACHETKA (Sla-HET-Ka) is the band name and the real last name of Matthew Szlachetka. I remember when I first met him at the Basement East a few years ago and was having a hard time getting the correct pronunciation of his name, he was kind in taking the time to say it again and again until I got it right! He remarked something like, “if people are going to take the time to figure out how to pronounce it, the music better be good”, and I’m happy to report, it is! He’s released several singles leading up to the full album release of Young Heart, Old Soul.