2nd annual Muletown Musicfest this weekend in Columbia

Sep 27, 2016

Credit muletownmusicfest.com/

COLUMBIA, Tenn. (HAVIGHURST)  --  With high profile music events such as AmericanaFest and the Pilgrimage Festival dominating the Fall calendar, a plucky startup festival down the road from Music City is eager to get on the radar of roots music lovers.

Organizers of Muletown Musicfest, which kicks off its second year this Friday and Saturday, hope to draw fans of music and culture with a mix of sounds. The roster includes witty and earthy country songwriter Brandy Clark, Nashville pop rockers Joe, Marc's brother, Hatian-American folk breakout Leyla McCalla and soul singer Jason Eskridge.

About two dozen acts will play all around Columbia's historic town square. Festival organizer and talent booker Rick Clark casts a vision that he says turns the traditional city festival - with outdoor tents and food trucks - inside out.

The concept behind the Muletown Music Fest was to eliminate all that and to turn the buildings downtown into venues. Businesses, restaurants, you name it,” Clark said. “And it was like turning the mirrors around and getting people to sort of experience the city and experience great music."

Clark is a natural spokesman for the city's artsy vibe because it drew him as a resident after years in East Nashville. 

"When I came down to Columbia - I started coming down here nine years ago - I was struck by the sense that Columbia was kind of like the small middle Tennessee city version of East Nashville before things went crazy," he explained.

There's a mix of free and ticketed events, and revenues go to support United Way of Maury County. Browse by the Muletown MusicFest website for all the details.