Are mid-state COVID-19 numbers rising again, or is this just a pause before further decline?

Feb 15, 2021

Credit WMOT

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Mike Osborne)  --  A troubling trend is developing in Middle Tennessee's COVID-19 numbers.

Happily, most statewide virus metrics are showing marked improvement. For example, COVID-19 related deaths among Tennesseans fell sharply during the week that ended this past Saturday. Fatalities dropped by half from the previous week’s all-time high.

The number of Tennesseans admitted to hospitals was also down sharply, falling 29 percent in one week’s time. Statewide, reported new infections were down as well.

Greater Nashville COVID-19 new case counts by week (date ending) and county.
Credit WMOT

However, after falling steadily for weeks, confirmed new infections in Middle Tennessee were up sharply last week.

New cases were up 58 percent in Nashville in just seven days. New infections were also up in Cheatham, Robertson, Rutherford and Sumner counties.

It will be another week or more before a new surge can be confirmed, but the trend bears watching.