Beware porch pirates...keep your Prime Day deliveries safe

Jul 16, 2019

Credit MPD

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (OSBORNE) -- Beware porch pirate if you made purchases during Amazon’s annual Prime Day Sale this week.


FedEx, UPS and other shippers now offer a wide range of safe delivery options. Some allow your packages to be delivered to local stores later pickup. Others have centrally located delivery lockers.


Sgt. Tommy Massey with the Murfreesboro Police Department Property Crime Division suggests you check out those front door video cameras. He notes some even allow you to remotely interact with visitors.

“They even have the technology now to allow you to converse with the person, and obviously that’s a deterrent if someone walks up and you start speaking to them like, ‘Hey, what are you doing here.’”  

Sgt. Massey also recommends getting to know you’re street’s delivery drivers so that you can make special arrangements for purchases.


He suggests you consider having packages delivered to a family member, friend or neighbor that you know will be home to receive them.


Use the link below to listen to Officer Massey's complete list of suggestions for keeping your home delivery's safe from porch pirates.