Embattled Tennessee DA faces calls for license suspension

Jul 30, 2019

Coffee County DA Craig Northcott
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — A prosecutor who has come under fire for making anti-gay remarks now faces calls to have his law license immediately suspended.

A coalition of Tennessee attorneys submitted the letter on Monday, where they also asked that Coffee County District Attorney Craig Northcott's competency to practice law be investigated and require him to reaffirm his oath as an attorney.

A complaint was filed against Northcott earlier this year after video footage surfaced of him saying gay couples shouldn't receive domestic violence protections, arguing that such laws are designed to protect the "sanctity of marriage."

Northcott has since argued that he has "strongly held religious beliefs" that same-sex relationships are sinful and will not do anything to suggest he agrees "with such behavior."

The coalition says such statements are alarming.