Governor Haslam Unapologetic For Protester Arrests

Nov 2, 2011

        Governor Haslam is not backing down after a federal judge temporarily blocked his efforts to clear protesters off of Legislative Plaza.

          Protesters were granted a restraining order Monday, barring the state from making further arrests after more than 50 of their number were taken into custody on the Plaza over the weekend by State Troopers.

          In a news conference yesterday, Governor Haslam did not admit defeat or to any mistake, saying that deteriorating safety and sanitary conditions on the plaza required a response.

          The governor went on to note that the restraining order is only temporary. The two sides will be back in court November 21st.

          The Associated Press reports today that Occupy Wall Street protesters in Chattanooga will not challenge a city imposed curfew there.

          The protesters had been warned by police and city officials yesterday they would face arrest if they camped out at Ross's Landing past the city's existing 10:30 p.m. curfew.