Here Are Some Of Your Favorite Memories Of Notre Dame

1 hour ago

The Cathedral of Notre-Dame, one of the world's beloved churches, was devastated by fire in Paris on Monday.

We asked you to share your most powerful recollections and impressions of this majestic landmark.

Here are just a few from among the hundreds of responses we received:

Chrissy Flores @ha_bibti

Chrissy Flores @ha_bibti

The Notre Dame will always be one of my favorite memories while visiting Paris. The architecture, art and history was a marvelous experience to take in. The peace one felt walking in a crowded cathedral filled with tourist is unexplainable! This needed to be seen in person. – at Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris

Michael Scherotter

Michael Scherotter @synergist

Watercolors sketches from a month ago visiting #NotreDame on a cold day.

Anne Rice @AnneRiceAuthor

Kevin Thompson @kevinross

I worked in Paris for six months after college and visited Notre Dame at least once a week. It was a place of refuge and beauty for me, one that I will never forget.

Kevin Thompson

Erika Cadena @Eri_Ka12

I was there only two months ago at Sunday Mass and later went up to the bell tower where I saw the gargoyles that sat guarding the cathedral as well as the spire that collapsed today. Part of my heart will forever be with #NotreDame.

Erika Cadena

Stephanie Joyce @StephyJoyce

My dad and I saw Notre Dame for the first time last year. Just being able to go on vacation with my parents while they're still healthy and able to travel is a memory I'll forever cherish.

Stephanie Joyce

Meg Waite Clayton @MegWClayton

Susan Gambino @susan_gambino

Once inside, her majesty took my breath away, and a deep peace came over me. I was in awe at everything I looked at, but the roof – that stunning, unimaginably high roof – built by hand, to be as close to the heavens as humanly possible. I'm so sad.

Susan Gambino

Deanna Smith @deannamom4

It was taken at Christmas time in 2004. We had spent the fall semester in Cambridge, England while my husband was on sabbatical. He's a professor at Calvin College. We found some last minute deals for the ferry from Dover to Calais and decided to spend a few days in Paris before our return to Grand Rapids, Mich.
Deanna Smith

Kira Zeeman Rugen @Kiradawnaz

I was so moved by the beauty of the cathedral in 2016, that I composed this piece about the gorgeous stained glass windows of Notre Dame.

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