Live Streams to Watch In Quarantine

Apr 30, 2020

Americana artists Michael Trotter, Tanya Trotter (The War and Treaty), and Todd Snider launched podcasts from quarantine in recent weeks. 


Michael and Tanya Trotter’s podcast sessions are streamed live on IGTV and Snider’s on Twitch and Facebook Live.


  You can find ‘Monday’s with Michael’ and ‘Tanya Tuesday” on The War and Treaty’s Instagram, @thewarandtreaty. Watch by clicking on their IG story for live video. Michael’s show starts Mondays at 6pm CST/7pm Eastern and Tanya Tuesdays is at 3 pm CST/4pm Eastern on Tuesdays.


  Todd Snider is live-streaming a music session each Sunday morning at 11 am CST from The Purple Building in East Nashville. You can find his music stream on Facebook or on the Purple Building live video site 


Last week Snider and Raelyn Nelson debuted ‘What It Was’ a conversion on music and life. Watch “What It Was” at Mondays 7pm CST.


You'll find the previous episodes of 'What It Was' on the Purple Building Podcast page.


NPR has a list of live virtual concerts that is updated weekly and is worth checking out. You can also check out the 'Shut In and Sing' concerts that are curated by Hangin' and Sangin' host Kelly McCartney.


- Val Hoeppner