Logan Ledger (I'm Gonna Get Over This) Someday

Feb 10, 2020

Logan Ledger opened the show with the backing of only Luke Reynolds on electric guitar. Bay area native Ledger’s recorded sound is luxurious with groove and texture, but his voice is so outstanding that he can convey his dark Roy Orbison kind of vibe without drums or bass or keys, as on the Bakersfield noir number “Invisible Blue.” The song “River of Fools” had more swing and boogie, with some scat lyrics that called Roger Miller to mind. Leger’s voice fit the classic Jim Reeves ballad “He’ll Have To Go” like a well-worn boot. And his surreal number “Let The Mermaids Flirt With Me,” a teaser of this year’s T Bone Burnett produced debut album, produced a great vocal and a long lyrical solo by Reynolds that got its own round of applause. Craig Havighurst