Mayor Briley keynotes crisis center opening: 'People in crisis deserve quality care'

Feb 5, 2019

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (OSBORNE)  --  Nashville’s new mental health Crisis Treatment Center is open and accepting patients.


The facility is located in Metro Center and accepts patients on an emergency basis 24/7 year round.

The facility offers Nashville residents an alternative to calling police when a loved one is in crisis. It also provides police an alternative to jailing individuals in mental distress.

The Center held its grand opening this past week. Mayor David Briley was the keynote speaker.

“People in crisis deserve quality care that is safe and timely and comprehensive. This new facility gives us a new way to help people who need that immediate mental health support, while letting our police officers get back to work.”

Amanda Brock will direct clinical services at the new facility. She notes that the Center will provide services for adults, children, and for individuals brought in for evaluation by Metro Police.

Children will have their own special child-friendly entrance. Police will use a separate entrance to a secure area where they can quickly drop a patient off and get back to their patrol duties.

Brock says a multi-disciplinary team will greet every patient.

“This team includes crisis counselors, nurses, psychiatric providers including psychiatrists and advance practice nurse practitioners, resident counselors, mental health technicians, peer specialists, and discharge planners.”   

The Crisis Treatment Center is a cooperative venture between the city, the state and the non-profit Mental Health Cooperative.