Metro Council chooses members for new Police Oversight Board

Jan 23, 2019

NASHVILE, Tenn. (OSBORNE)  --  Nashville has it’s new Police Oversight Board.

Metro Council chose the eleven-member panel Tuesday night in a five-hour, marathon session. Several rounds of voting slowly whittled down the original list of more than 150 applicants.


The Council last week approved two board members nominated by Mayor David Briley. Last night they approved two more panelists nominated by council members. Most of the evening was devoted to selecting the remaining seven board members.

The Tennessean notes that seven of the eleven panelists are black, three are white and one is Latino. Five are women and six are men. Three are former police officers.

Of the high-profile nominees not chosen, perhaps the best know was Waffle House shooting hero James Shawn Jr.

Vice Mayor Jim Shulman led council members in a round of applause for city residents, noting the large number and quality of nominees who applied.

"I just wanted to say how much we appreciated everybody's support, everybody coming in. It makes me proud to be a Nashvillian."

The Police Oversight Board could still be scuttled before it gets to review its first case.

The Fraternal Order of Police say they will appeal their lawsuit challenging the board’s formation to the Tennessee State Supreme Court. Republican State House Speaker Glen Casada says he intends to hold hearings regarding the constitutionality of the charter amendment that authorized the board.

The Tennessean has put together a list of the new board members, along with profiles for each person.