Nashville Council will take in-person public comments on Mayor Cooper's proposed budget

May 29, 2020

Nashville residents wait in the public gallery for their chance to comment on city business before the Metro council during a meeting held in February, 2020.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Mike Osborne)  --  The Metro Nashville Council will hold a public hearing next week that will include both virtual and in-person comments by city residents.

The council will take comments Tuesday evening on Mayor John Cooper’s proposed budget for the coming fiscal year. The mayor’s proposal includes a 32 percent property tax increase he says is needed to put Metro’s pandemic battered finances back in the black.

The council will take comment virtually by phone, but will also allow residents to address the council in chambers. Social distancing restrictions are planned.

Council members are also being given both options. Some will attend virtually. Others will be in chambers, but will be seated at widely separated desks.

Residents will need to register in advance to participate. You can read the full details and find registration information here.